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Lucy’s first Blog

Ah! The American dream. You go to school. Get a job. Meet a hunk in College if you’re lucky or whatever you’re willing to settle for as you hit your 30’s. Ya get married. Buy a House and pop out a few little ones. The life right? WRONG!!! You’d think life would be like you see in this picture. You and your offspring  spinning around in the grass. Nothing but good times and happiness. In your head, everything runs smoothly. Until… you actually become a mother.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my kids but it gets to be too much at times. I’m a stay at home mom and when all you have to deal with all day are screaming, crying, fighting kids who want to test your limits as well as those of your siblings… (sigh!) Like the other day, my youngest son decided to use our freshly painted wall as his canvas. Somehow got a hold of my makeup and decides to paste semi-rendered handprints all over the wall. His medium of choice… My nail polish, foundation, and expensive lipstick my husband bought me only a few weeks ago for my birthday. When to stop what I was doing, make a mad dash over to him so that I could stop him from finishing his Picasso and plopped him in the shower immediately, to get cleaned up. Unfortunately, soap and water does not remove nail polish remover and I didn’t want to damage his tender little skin so I attempted to wipe it off with some olive oil. Got some of it off but not all. For the balance, I had to use nail polish remover. Poor thing, it broke him out in a rash! He has such sensitive skin hence why I was trying to use a natural approach instead. Anyway, long story short. I got him all cleaned up.

As I was heading back into the kitchen, I noticed that I hadn’t heard a peep out of my other kids in a while. Never a good thing. If you’re a parent, you know exactly what I mean. They, in my absence, had gone out to the backyard, found a dead bird and proceeded to dig a whole in the most eye obvious central of places to perform a funeral ceremony. It was still early in the season and we had just laid down some new grass and they had just tore it up. REALLY!!!

I had to unarm them of their digging utensils, order them back into the house, get them all washed up, head back down into the kitchen to clean up the mess my youngest had made and then… start supper. There is never a dull moment for us moms. Especially when you have four, YES 4 young boys.

Anyway, I know it sounds like I’m just complaining but really, I consider myself to be truly blessed. I am able to stay home and raise my kids rather than have to drop them off at daycare every day. I just wished I had a bit more help that’s all. For now, I’m just taking it one day at a time and stealing moments for myself here and there when at all possible.

I love my boys. They are good kids. They just have a little more energy than one person can handle on their own.

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