Sick Kid

How time flies!!!

Hey ladies! OMGosh! I can’t believe it’s been  4 days since my last Blog post. I am so sorry. I will do my best to stay up on things in the future. My 4 year old got sick and got his younger brother and older brother sick. Somehow my 18-month-old was spared. Maybe because he isn’t yet in school and exposed to all the nasties, but you’d think that after being in the same household he would inevitably get sick – BUT, to my surprise, he did not!!

You always hear about parents talking about how their kids always come home with this, that and the other once they start going to daycare, and then to preschool and so on, but man, boy does it ever pour when it rains. Three sick kids all at once is no joke. They were all cranky and miserable. All vying for my attention. Sure dad is around, but they all want mommy.

”Moooooommmmmmy… My tummy hurts”
”Moooooommmmmmy… My throat hurts”
”Maaaaa… I don’t feel like eating”
”Uh uh, NO. I don’t want to drink that”
”Mmmmom. I don’t feel so…” BARF!!!

That’s just a little of what I have been going through these past few days and it’s nowhere near over. I mean, thank God I’ve been keeping the little one away from the bigger ones as much ass I can so that he doesn’t get sick too but Lord, 3 sick kids is too much. Thank God I’m still at home. I don’t know how you moms do it when you have to work on top of that. Please, tell me how you do it. Seriously. My email is 

I think it’s important for us to have an open dialogue because often times us moms feel so judged and alone. We never do enough according to onlookers and if anything goes wrong with our kids or in the household, we automatically get the blame. You know what, that’s a post in itself. I think I’ll talk about that next time.

For now, I’m going to have to leave you guys because I think I hear my kids in the background moaning in their sickened state and one of them hasn’t stopped coughing in the last 2 minutes. So I’m going to let you guys go but I really wasn’t joking about us moms sticking together and offering each other tips and suggestion.

You can always contact me in private if you have something very personal you’d like to share. I’m always here for you ladies and hope to build a strong community of moms on the blog which is really more of a venting session for me.

Till next time guys! Bye!

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