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School’s out

School’s out and now I have four little ones running around the house all day. OK, in all fairness the only difference really is my 6-year-old being home from his grade 1 day to day school activities and my 4-year-old is home from Pre-K. It’s a full house.

I now have to try and find ways to entertain them. I swore up and down that I would NEVER be one of those parents that sat their kids in front of a TV monitor or some other sort of electronic device to entertain and pacify them but I bow my head in same ladies when I say that these very things have become my very own 24/7, 365 personal nanny.

Ladies, if you are a mother of small children you know what I’m talking about. board gameYour/my husband is out to work all day bringing home the bacon, and I’m trying to hold down the fort by not only frying up the bacon but keeping these little ones in line, fed and entertained. When I’m not busy doing that, I’m playing police mom trying to keep them from fighting over petty things kids fight about or poking out one of their brother’s eye with a fork or a stick or any other random objects they find in the house or out in the backyard. It’s a juggling act to say the least. Between cooking and laundry and finding time to actually take a shower and look somewhat like a human being, finding time to do the things I wasn’t to do with them as a loving and caring mother isn’t always possible as much as I have the best of intentions and give it a good old try.

But, not every day is full of chaos. OK, well every day is full of chaos but some days are more manageable than others and I take full advantage of those days by :

  • Playing educational games with my kids
  • Playing board games with them
  • Reading to them
  • Taking a drive and getting them out for some fresh air and to just run around and be kids
  • Bringing them to the park or to the ”beach”
  • Letting them out in the backyard to explore bugs, earthworms and play in dirt
  • Turning on the sprinklers and having them run around in it (our own personal waterpark)
  • Playing a game of catch, hide and go seek or even ball

boy plays with bubbles   kid playing in sand

Yes, I do my best to keep them entertained, healthy and happy as much as I humanly can time and energy permitting.

But I must say, even though I want to rip my hair out most days and I do get overwhelmed, I do enjoy having all of my boys with me and when my husband is at home, all of my boys are at home and I am truly happy. I am the queen of my castle and I have my posse with me. I’m sure when they get older, they’ll be quite protective of their mom.

So school’s out and summer is officially here and it’ll be over before you know it so instead of allowing myself to be overwhelmed by it all, I will cherish every moment I have with my boys because I know that one day they will all be off to school and one day a few years after that, they’ll be gone from the home all together so I’m going to make the best summer memories I can now so that when they look back they can say ”man! mom did we have fun with you growing up.” That would the best compliment I could get from my boys when they’re all grown up.


Have no idea how many kids I have, check out my About me page for a little backstory.

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