About me


HiĀ ladies! I’m new to this Blogging thing. I have a friend who suggested it to me. I was hesitant, still am, because I’m not really good at this computer thing. I mean, it’s not like I was born in 1932 or anything, I’m such not really a tech person. Decided I’d start just to keep my sanity.

Anyway, she offered to help but I’m still figuring out quite a bit on my own so please, bear with me till I get this all figured out. Decided I’d start just to keep my sanity.

So yeah, I decided I’d start blogging just to document my days, my opinions and basically just keep sane. It’s kinda like free therapy. Lord knows that with 4 boys, EVERY penny counts. So I’m 39 years old

So I’m 39 years old. Married my husband straight out of College and had a few kids many years later. Wanted to get settled into our careersĀ first. My Husband is a Lawyer and works crazy insane hours. I was studying to become a Chef but somehow it just never stuck. Long story. Maybe I’ll get into it some other time.

So as I was saying, my sons are aged 18 months, 3 years old, my second boy just turned 4 not too long ago believe it or not and my oldest is 6. So there you have it. As you can probably guess, my hands are full.

I’ll tell you a bit more about myself through my Blogs. And if you’re a mom too and know what I’m going through, please, please, please, please – please leave me a comment on how you cope and manage it all.

In the meanwhile, take a look at my first Blog ever. Let me know what yo think.

Privacy is Top Priority for me.