Hey ladies! I just wanted to let you all know that anything you chose to share with me is 100% private. I will never betray your trust my sharing it with anyone else unless you specifically tell me that it’s okay to do so and even at that, I will only reveal your name or your alias if again, you say that it’s okay. OK?!

I want this site to be a safe Haven where you can feel free to ask any question, even the most embarrassingĀ ones that you dare not ask your friends and family members for fear of being judged.

Motherhood can be a very scary time and we all need someone to talk to, tell what we are going through and ask questions. So please, no that I would NEVER betray that trust. EVER.

Your secrets are safe with me.

CONTACT me by email if ever you need to start a Private chat.Lock and Key - Your secrets are safe with me